Thursday, March 29, 2012

...whatcha' can't have.

Why is it exactly you always want what you can't have??

Not only do I want a pink convertible Ford F250... I want a job, in the health sciences/medical field, where I can write, give advice, and make a difference in my patients life. 

I really have a passion for writing, so there is journalism. But they kind of job I'd like being a journalist doesn't really involve that much contact with society. 

Then there is my overwhelming opinion and love for giving my advice. It would tickle me silly to be able to be a therapist of some sort so I could help children/families/ couples during crisis or major life changes. I feel that my recent experiences would be helpful in that area. 

Not that money is a deciding factor when I pursue a career, but seeing family members struggle financially makes me want to strive that much more to have a well paying job that I love. 

I have no earthly idea why the last few days that I have worried myself silly over what I want to do when I graduate high school. I'm just a 9th grader, but I am just terrified of failure. I love to make people proud. 

I guess I just need to be a Family & Marriage Therapist whom runs an advice column in the local paper. 

I know this is a small shot, but I'll still take it... I'm really unaware if anyone except my friends read my blog. So, throwing out what I'm about to could be pointless. If anyone that reads my blog has a history in Journalism or Psychology, I would love to communicate via email so I could receive any advice whomever is willing to offer me. I guess I am looking for how to get my feet wet in either area, steps needed to take to earn atleast a Bachelor's degree in either field, and of course the things you personally enjoy doing the job you do.

Also, if anyone has interests like myself, and you now have a career you love.. I would love to hear about your journey in finding the right line of work for you!


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