Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Men Fish... Women Catch!

Today was the book definition of a good day!: Arrived at school around 9:10, found out my Algebra ll grade for first quarter was a 96 (that's my report card grade!), spent the afternoon fishing with my sweetie & his wonderful mom Michelle, went to dinner with my dad, shopped around for decorations for our house, then ended the evening with some hot Krispy Kreme donuts...

This simple girl has got it made. 

A lot of times we think our life is absolute crap. I try not to complain often but I know I have lately. But to be honest, I have it made. As long as I stay in school I won't have to get a job, I live in a beautiful house on the lake, I have an outstanding family, and amazing friends. Sometimes, I admit, it seems as the world is against you. It isn't, I promise. If you are in a warm & loving home, are healthy, and have clothes on your body... life is good. 

Never say "I hate my life, "My life sucks," "Everyone hates me," "Life couldn't get any worse"... because it could get worse, it could suck eventually. If you're on the computer reading my blog right now...I bet your in a warm/safe building, because, well, you're on the Internet. 

Always remember... it could get worse. Be thankful for what you do have. Let the good times out number the bad. Don't be a 'Debby Downer!" :)

Yes, I'm aware... I look rough. 

This is a descendant of Nemo... 

Hey Ty, the camera is up...not down :)

Okay, enough making me look good...
Tyler did catch a few... actually, a lot.

Such a handsome babe ;)
No ideas, I've got dibs forever!

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