Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Random ' just so you know' entry...
When I do not attend church on Sunday morning, the days following are completely *you know what word in thinking of, so insert it here*. No matter of I miss church due to being elsewhere in the state, or accidentally over sleeping...the days following are awful! I should wear a sign saying "I'm in a very bad mood, try to make it worse", because in someway people are interpreting that feeling within me, and attempting the challenge. Me wearing that sign would save a lot of folks the steam they let out while trying to determine the challenge I am offering them. I'm basically trying to say, the past two days have been awful! From anger spells to crying its just been bad! Maybe it's PMS, which conveniently doubles as 'Pissed at Men Syndrome'... mainly because Mad Cow Disease was already taken. I happen to fall into these categories. So my diagnosis for my extremely bad mood this week is Lack-of-Jesus (solely my fault) & Mad-Cow-Disease (all you Mother Nature, all you!) A Bible & some Midol, please??

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