Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girls Only ;)

Attention all of my beautiful blog follows, that are ladies! (The guys are beautiful too, lol!) I have came across the most AWESOME app! I reckon you can get it on any smart phone. I personally discovered it on the apple app store. I came across this free app but searching 'Period Tracker'; it was the second result that surfaced. After reading the reviews, I decided to give it a shot. Any girl that tries to keep track of their period knows it is a pain, basically. If you don't keep track, rather you're sexually active or not, you should keep track. I have attempted to track mine for who knows how long. NO ONE wants to ruin their panties, I don't care who you are. Victoria Secret or Fruit of the Loom, panties should not go through that kind of torture! So... with this handy-dandy period tracker, called Period Diary (P.D) you will know when everything will go down. Upon opening up the app, I first entered my last cycle. Then you can enter your symptoms and moods you're experiencing now. When you put in your last cycle, it creates your personal calendar. The calendar tells you when your next cycle should come, when your days for being most fertile are, and the next day you will release an egg for your next cycle. Great, I know. I am tickled to death! Best thing about it, it is so easy to use. I also set up the 'password' feature, so no one can go creepin' through my period information! Seriously girls, this app is awesome! 
  Pink =Period Days
  Orange Circle= fertile days
  Pink Circle= ovulation day                               Unlock screen when you first click on app!
Upon opening app! ;

You're welcome :)

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