Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loving Lately: Leggings

I used to be the biggest hater of wearing leggings as pants. Maybe because they used to be poorly worn. But this season, Pinterest has TOTALLY changed my mind! I am totally Loving leggings Lately!

In my world, these looks are too perfect to be true! I hate wearing jeans. Maybe because I am in between two sizes, but having to sit in a desk for almost eight hours makes me want to trade in my American Eagle Original Boot jeans for Victoria Secret yoga pants!

These ladies look so put together in these ensembles! The last outfit is my favorite- I'm a sucker for plaid! 

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  1. I love leggings! I feel like I practically live in them!

  2. Newest follower here! I love the leggings, such a great fall outfit :)

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  3. I totally feel naked and incomplete without leggings. Thanks a lot for giving cool and fresh ideas about it.

  4. Hey love! Just catching up on some reading ;) I completely have the similar feelings towards leggings- I love walking in the mall, seeing people who clearly do not know how to wear them, and wanting to run up to them and show them how its done! I have a hard time finding tops that are long enough, that I can layer- those are my requirements! Long and layer-able!


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