Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Thankful

Every year, especially around Thanksgiving, I become more aware of all the many blessings that I have. It seems like at this time of the year, my blessings flaunt themselves instead of being hidden in the shadows. I really do take the things I have for granted. 

For example, I never really have realized how good my boy friend is to me. After listening to all my friends gripe about the things their men have done to push their buttons, I am left thanking God for the amazing guy in my life. I have yet to discover why and how he puts up with me, because honestly, I can be a real pistol. But I am starting to notice that love is about sacrifices. There are going to be days when you have to agree to disagree... you may have to watch a NASCAR race, and he may have to hold your purse in Victoria's Secret. But to me, that's okay. It's the mutual understanding and acceptance that my boyfriend of eighteen months and I have that has kept us going strong. I am thankful for sooo many qualities about him. I won't list them all out, but trust me, he's awesome. 

Another thing I am thankful for is my freedom. I think a lot of individuals are uninformed on how other's lives are throughout the world. We have it pretty dang good if you ask me. Sure, our president may make some pathetic, ignorant, ridiculous dumb mistakes.. but hey: you can vote, you can show your arms/legs in public, and marry, talk to, associate with whomever you please. Why would anyone want to be anything else but American? There are people, literally, jumping over fences to get just a glimpse of what a lot of us has had our whole lives. All I'm saying is "Merica... home of the free, land of the brave!"

And I'm thankful for Pinterest... obviously.

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