Monday, October 22, 2012

The Intermediate Bow

Last week I shared a very simple bow tutorial that many of y'all loved. Today I am sharing another bow tutorial that requires a little more skill and effort. The final effect is so adorable!

What You Need:

-36 inches of ribbon (thicker the better)
-a pin that will bleed through the ribbon (you will not see these markings)
-a duck bill clip
-needle and thread
-also needed is hot glue (not pictured)

Start with 31 inches of your ribbon: at one end, mark off 3.5 inches...

Now begin marking six-inch sections. 

You will end up with a total of five dotted-lines across the ribbon. Both ends should have 3.5 marked off.

Now with your needle and thread, stitch along your dotted line.

As you stitch, make sure your ribbon looks like this...

Once you've stitched along all the dotted lines, gently pull the thread, shaping the ribbon as you pull.

Secure the center of the bow by wrapping thread around the center, and putting a few stitches in as needed.

Now using the remaining five inches of ribbon (remember you only used 31" of your 36") fold it into thirds lengthwise and add a few stitches to secure. Tie a loose knot in the center. 

Now using a dab of hotglue, secure the knot to the center of the bow.

Wrap one end of this ribbon around the backside of the bow and hot-glue to the base of the bow. Pinch open the duckbill clip and hotglue only one side down to the ribbon. Bring the other end of the ribbon through the duckbill clip and hot-glue that down as well.

Now you have a precious bow for under $5!


Feel free to comment with any type of feedback- I'd love to hear from you!