Friday, September 14, 2012

The Last Week...

... has been full of adventure, new things, and fall weather♥
all my favorite things!

Tyler & I made our first "bonfire" last Friday night. Love snuggling and drinking coffee!
I never get tired of the blue Carolina sky!
Bow season came in for NC last Saturday! Woohoo! Been twice & "zeroed" both times...
Made my first homemade pizza.. huge success!
Fell in love with Yoplait Light Yogurt- Red Velvet Cake flavor
Finally got to wear a scarf and cardigan to school! Thank you cool weather♥
Drank my first pumpkin spice latte... to.die.for!! 
Got a ton of amazing junk at the dollar store... for sixteen bucks.
Made a mini-print wall above my desk! 
^Will be shown in better detail in my "office reveal post" coming soon!*

Happy Friday Lovelies!

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