Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help Wanted

I'm in the process of making myself an office! Woohoo: finally all my school and craft things can be together in one space! I have been scanning Pinterest and blogs to find some ways to inexpensively organize and accessorize my new work space?? Any ideas/ suggestions? Below is a photo of a few things I've already created!

The yarn garland came from Kate & Lauren's blogs! - thesmallthingsblog.com & frommygreydeskblog.com ! They used different color yarn, but because I only had one color, I added clips then attached photos!

The jar idea came from the Weddings section on Pinterest! I tied bailing twine around the jars for a little cuter look than just plan pencil cups!

The framed photo was just a quote I found on the Quotes tab on Pinterest. I printed and framed it- cheap and effortless!

Whats a must have in your home office/ work space??


  1. oh great - not only is this a good idea, but you make ME want to have one too! we are having our house built and I promised my husband the office was HIS. guess we'll need a bigger office if I want an office too. ha! If there's a way, I would ALWAYS have coffee handy in my office. :) that would be my "must have" - shoot, if money wasn't an option, I would put an espresso bar IN my office. haha!

    1. Oh! Great idea! Not sure if making coffee in my office would be a good idea... but you opened up the possibility of having coffee beans resting in a pretty bowl! Thanks for commenting! :)

      Good luck in your possible future office. I'm sure you're hubs would love to share the space with you :)

      xoxo, Rachel


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