Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clothes Slip No More

I've had a break through. Well some lady on Pinterest had a break through and I embraced her genius-ness.

Don't you hate when your clothes slip off those plastic hangers? Yeah, me too. But who would've thought hot glue could fix your problems??

What you need:
-the stubborn, slippery hangers
-a hot glue gun

Your objective: to make a zig zag pattern with the hot glue down the hanger


Why this works?
The hot glue zig-zags create texture... the bumps prevent the clothes from falling off. And for those strappy tanks- the straps have to slide over each little grove to fall off...yeah, right!


Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters
Shirt: Marshalls
Shirt: Marshalls
Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters

I held these hangers at strong angles and took photos to show you that doing this little DIY will make a dramatic difference in how much better your clothes stay on the hangers. You can also do this on wire hangers, but these plastic ones are typically the pesky ones for me! Changed my life!


  1. Omg genius - I m Soo excited!

    So doing this


  2. That is awesome, I am going to try that, I hate going into my closet and seeing all of my shirts have fallen off the hangers.


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