Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY: Tee to Tank

There is something about "ladies-fit tshirts" that I cannot stand. They make my torso appear boxy, not flattering me what so ever! So, when I came across a Pinterest photo- turning a teeshirt into a tank- I knew the perfect shirts I would use for this conversion. I got two John Deere shirts at Lowes for ten bucks. I missed the part where it said "Ladies" unfortunately, so I have never worn them. The pink shirt is used for this tutorial, which I had to use hand stitching. However, when I get my sewing machine later this week (hopefully), I am going to make the green one. I will update this post when I make the green one so you will see the outcome on a "tank" sown together with a sewing machine opposed to by hand! 
Pictured to the right is my final product of this DIY! The supplies needed are listed below:

-1 tshirt (doesn't need to be over sized, you remove no width!)
-scissors (fabric scissors are preferred but I did mine with regular craft scissors)
-needle & thread (or sewing machine!)

The point of my refreshed & reusable segment is to give something not in use a new look- opposed to spending extra money! 

Step One: Cut away excess fabric 

Step Two: Pin & Sew top-front & top-back

Step Three: String draw-string through top-front & top-back holes
you can sew open ends together, make a bow, whatever you please

To feed the string through the holes, I got an ink pen with a cap on it, slid the end of the fabric strip in the little clip part, then just inched it down the hole. 

If you are interested in seeing the tank I make using my sewing machine- check back in a week or so... it all depends on when my sewing machine comes in! 
Good luck and happy sewing :)

original tutorial here


  1. SO cute, rach! i LOVE this!!! BTW - you should totally come link up with Carly and i for #YOLOMONDAYS today! :) happy monday, girl!

    still being [molly]

  2. Super cute! We all need more cute tanks for the summer.

  3. stopping in from the friday blog hop and a new follower.

    i love the idea for this shirt and that you shared step by step how to do it. i have a ton of t-shirts that are way to big or that i would prefer to wear at a tank, i even have a john deere one. i am going to attempt to do this. thanks for sharing.


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