Friday, June 15, 2012


Hooray! It's Friday!!! In just two more days I'll be fifteen years old, and in three more days I'll be street legal (with a parent/guardian!!!) Time truly flies by and I'm realizing more every day that you need to make the most out of the time you have! Here are my top five things from this week! If you've never participated in a "High Five For Friday" post, go link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk and join the fun.

1. Building Emmie Lou's bunny condo in just two days- two very long, hot, exhausting days. When I say condo, I mean it. She loves it, which is all that matters. 

2. Finally getting a hot glue gun so I could finally tend to my list of "crafts to-do!" Make sure to come by Monday to see whats featured on "Refreshed and Reusable" Monday! It is hair-accessory related!

3. Anticipating all the goodies I will get for my birthday. The only non-fun part is I ordered all my presents, which kind of sucks the fun out of it. But I'm still super excited!

4. The countdown continues- 15 days until I'm Myrtle Beach bound with my amazing boy friend & His family. 

5. I'm having a pre-birthday celebration tonight at a local country tavern. All of the 'High Rock Supper Club' will be there, a.k.a- my dysfunctional non relation family! Word on the street is, I'll be getting presents tonight too! SCORE♥

Have a super, splendid, and safe weekend!!


  1. nice list! happy birthday :) the trip to the beach sounds like it will be awesome!

    happy friday!


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