Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's In Your Purse??

Upon reading my daily blogs, I discovered a "What's In So & So's Purse" series! I thought it was a brilliant blog topic considering you can tell a lot by a woman from what you find in her first! Here is my own little expose on what you'd find in my purse!

All throughout the winter I have carried my Nine West coral bag! I purchased to add a splash of color to compliment my drab winter wardrobe. And considering coral is a huge spring/summer color.. I have continued to carry it! 

If I told you everything had its "place," I'd be lying....

Everything does have a purpose, however:

This is the "school girl" section;
the average day planner (Staples), pencils, complete with extra led, variety of pens, and one handy highlighter! The pink-patterned (Marshals) bag contains simple extras...

Next comes the "hygiene" section;
flowered zipper bag (Marshals) contains every-girl-needs, victoria's secret striped zipper bag contains multiple tubes of lip gloss/ chapstick, kenra hairspray, and small mirror

Final classification group is simple random;
purell hand sanitizer, costa del mar sunglasses case with costa sunglasses inside, small keychain containing my house keys, and pink wallet carrying only my basic needs (old, but fossil)

What's inside the bags??

*inside the pink-patterned bag:
more highlighters, multiple sticky notes, extra erasers.
nothing special, but can never have too many

*inside the victoria's secret striped bag:
advil, carmex, chapstick/chapet, mary kay lip glass, lipLITES lip gloss, softlips, burt's bees, hairties and bobby pin(s)

I hope you learned a little more behind the Rural Rach blog!!

What's in your purse??

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