Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Regan!

Hey y'all, meet Regan! I have never formally introduced my twin sister Regan to my blogging world! So here she is...

Ahh... what can I say about Regan. Well for starters, she looks like me... but is my polar opposite. She has straight hair, is a little too blunt, and enjoys taking pictures of weirdos in public. She hates to read, loves too sleep, and will put school work off at all costs. Regan has too much fun torturing her dog, snapping self portraits, and straightening her hair to death. But her hair always looks good, her pictures are gorgeous, and she has one adorable pooch. What's a girl too do??

Regan does have a blog although she never uses it. You will find her on Facebook & Twitter, unlike her cool twin. 

Love you, Regan!

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