Monday, May 7, 2012


Rather you realize it or not, every aspect of life comes with bonuses! Here are a few examples taking place today:

Blogging Bonus: You come across blogs that you otherwise would never discover. A blog I followed awhile back, is having a giveaway. The Color Issue is giving away handmade "state necklaces," you've all seen them...

Adorable, right? The best part is all you have to do is follow "The Color Issue", post a comment telling what state you'd like, and of course where you shared this giveaway at..."Sharing is Caring!!"

Your Boyfriend's Mom Adores You Bonus: She shares her recipes with you! Double score!! So tonight I'll be having "Tomato Noodles.." (recipe soon to come!)

Pinterest Bonus: Mother's Day ideas! Again, soon to come details! (Can't share now, incase my mom/grandmothers come poking around my blog!!)

What bonuses have you discovered today??

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