Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung early this year! Perfect for a winter-hating gal like myself!

The best thing about spring cleaning for me is re-discovering all the presh clothing items I had pushed to the back of my closet and forgot about! I always forget about my skirts. Since they are short, they don't hang down.. so I never see them :( But no fear! They have made their way back into my wardrobe! 

I don't know about y'all but I have the biggest issue with my necklaces, long and short, tangling themselves up! ... Gathering material I've collected due to my southern lifestyle, I fixed my awful problem.. :) I can totally hook anyone up if they dig my idea!

Also, another thing that has made me feel super cool... I learned how to curl my hair with a straighter!! Exciting, yes! For real, double yes!! Recently, my Enzo Miliano Clipless Curling Iron died. For some reason, my curly hair refuses to curl with a normal curling iron, so the clipless curling wand is the BOMB! Since I am cheap and refuse to buy another from money out of my own pocket, I began the search for another technique. Kate, from, helped me end my quest! Huge success!!
Look of curls differ slightly.. probably because of cuts & textures! 
The link about will direct you to Kate's tutorial on how to curl your hair with a flat iron!

Another big excitement, my sissy Regan found & bought her perfect prom dress! May 5th, Patrick & Regan will go to ERHS' 2012 PROM! Super exciting! Proud of ya twinny! (:

Enjoy this picturesque Carolina weather! 

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