Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best of Mary Kay!

I am a Mary Kay junkie!! After going to a Mary Kay party yesterday evening, hosted by my dear friend Hayley ( her mom, I realized much of my beauty products were Mary Kay! Below are pictures of my most favorite and highly recommended Mary Kay products!!!

Velocity face wash collection I've had for over a year, and never noticed it was Mary Kay!

All time fav. powder, Beige 1, by Mary Kay

Amazing Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Mary Kay 
(Commonly used to do the 'catlike' eyes on your eyelid)

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color (Blush) 
Shade: Shy Blush

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color Honey Spice
Perfect for a softer day time look!

Mary Kay Signature Eyesicles* Eye Color - Vanilla & Island Bronze (Left-Right) Wish I would've though to purchase more last night!!
Perfect to apply before the actually eye shadow! Have had/used since I first started wearing makeup!

Mary Kay Satin Hands! Received during a game of Dirty Santa... very good gift!
Three step hand wash gives you baby soft skin!! 

Never turn down the opportunity to attend a Mary Kay party! They are so much fun and you can learn a lot! If you are invited to one, ask to see the products I've pictured above! The Velocity & Satin Hands are must haves!!!

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